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Patricia Chase


Lay Leader

Patricia has been a member of PUMC for over 30 years. She is a third-generation Methodist who was baptized at PUMC by William Wyle. She was married at PUMC to Butch Chase by Alton Mark on June 17, 1972. She has attended Sunday School as a child and an adult. She has two children Amand and Stephen and two grand-children Elizabeth and Daniel Huber.

She taught Sunday School, all ages, and was the Sunday School Superintendent for 10 plus years. She has led Bible Studies, taught and directed VBS, participated in choir and Praise Band, and leads the congregation in prayer during worship. She has been the chair of several committees over the years. Presently she is on the Finance Committee, Witness Committee, and  Church Council She was Treasurer for 15 years and is the Lay Leader starting in 2017.